Web Design Inspiration: Great Green Websites

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Looking for web design inspiration? Here are some green websites to have a closer look at.

25 Inspiring Orange Logo Designs

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A nice collection of orange logo designs.

Artist of The Week #12 – Rafael Mayani

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Mexican illustrator Rafael Mayani creates awesome artworks. Here’s a taste!

Creating a New Web Design – How To Get Inspired

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As designers, a very important part of our job is to get in the mode of inspiration. We need to have the ability to almost turn a switch and create something stunning and unique out of “nothing”.

25 Awesome Photography Logos

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Logo Design is a great source of inspiration.

Artist of The Week #11 – Jing Zhang

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Jing Zhang is an illustrator with great skills. She is our artist of the week!

Web Design: 20 Inspiring Coffee Websites

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Today we have decided to bring some web design inspiration. Coffee websites can be found in all sorts and shapes. Here are some of the best ones! Inspiring Coffee websites from all corners of the world. Enjoy!   Kapepur Caruso´s Coffee   Kicking Horse