My Best Tips for Getting Happy Clients

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Succeeding with your business, a freelance company or basically any other company, depends strongly on how your relationship is with your clients. Today we will be taking a closer look at what you can do to get happy/happier clients!

Free Textures – Paint Vs Rust

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Here are some of my own free textures that I added a few years ago. Hope you can use them!

Artist of the Week #5 – Nik Ainley

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Nik Ainley is a digital illustrator based in the UK. He is self-taught and has been producing personal and commissioned illustrations for a wide array of clients for over ten years. I think his work is pretty awesome!

I wish These Were MY Sketchbooks! 44 Stunning Examples

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One of my favorite sources for inspiration: Moleskine sketchbooks (or well any type of sketchbook of course). Today I have put together a nice collection of them for you to drool over

Freelance Alert: Avoiding the Burnout

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Are you a freelancer artist, graphic designer, writer or photographer? Here are some signs you’re needing to slow down, plus good tips on how to avoid becoming one of the many of us that get completely burned out due to huge workloads or rough

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Artist of the Week #4 – Patrick LaMontagne

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I have to admit that this week’s artist has been one of my favorite artists for several years now. Patrick LaMontagne’s work just has to be seen and enjoyed.